A lot of people are skeptical about rebuilt cars, and for good reason in most cases. Why would I be talking about the ugly-side of rebuilt cars if a range of our inventory is rebuilt? That is because there is a wide range of what constitutes a car as rebuilt.

Any vehicle that is re-registered after being considered totaled will warrant a rebuilt title. Any car that has been submerged in the ocean, cult in half and glued together, or simply recovered from theft will get the same treatment. A rebuilt title.
We sort daily through three separate auction in New England alone, each with an average of 350 vehicles. We take great care in looking at the cars to ensure we only pick cars that will be easy to repair, and that are sellable inventory.

We pride ourselves with staying current. Knowing the cars that you will want to buy. After many years of experience we can tell in just a few photos how much damage there is. We never buy cars that have been flooded, only those that have had damage done to the exterior of the car.
Many people have heard that insurance companies will total a car after 50 to 70 percent of the car has been damaged. That is simply not true, every insurance company is different and there are multiple factors that are entered into whether or not a car is to be totaled.

Location is key when talking about how total claims are filed through insurance companies. For example, if you rear end someone in Boston and it break your headlight, your car is deemed unfit to drive. The insurance company has to tow your car to the shop, gets charged a storage fee, rent you a car until yours is fixed, and the price of the repair in Boston is probably going to be three times what it is here in Vermont. Also, because there are so many accidents, there is a good chance your car will not even be worked on for three or four weeks.
Consider these factors, and you would be looking at roughly $5,000 before they even begin working on your car. Therefore, any car that is valued at less than $15,000 can easily be considered totaled for something as minor as a broken headlight.
This is the type of cars we buy, repair, and sell. It is mostly those that have had minor damage in a major city. Not to count out the theft recoveries. These cars are usually completely undamaged, and have keys. An example of this is usually someone who doesn’t want to, or can’t afford their payment, so they park their car in a lot and call it in as stolen. If it is not recovered soon the insurance company has a payout and it’s at that point it’s considered salvaged.

We can sell cars for 25-50% LESS than retail, giving you a fantastic deal on a beautiful car. We stand behind our repairs and even offer warranties. Best of all, these cars have never been driven on the rough and salty roads of Vermont, therefore they usually have no rust. Rust seems to be more prominent than ever, so any advantage is worth taking.

There are plenty of rebuilt cars out there that are not well done, and issues can arise over time. The only real drawback of buying a rebuilt is the value of the car is lower when you are ready to trade it, but if you have paid 50% of the retail price, then you have already won the battle of numbers. I will tell you to just trade the car back to us when you are done with it, seeing as we know the car and will be willing to pay more for it.